Futa Carpets

Auto -Tufted Rugs&Carpets

FUTA Carpet with the one and only integrated facility of the sector, satisfies the needs of the market through the strength comes from production. In addition to the auto-tuft facility with 4000m2 indoor and 500m2 outdoor space, there is a hand woven rug workshop in Isparta/Keçiborlu. FUTA Carpet, has a project office where architects and designers can conveniently work in Antalya, where they can reach all textures and qualities.

Through its comprehensive experience in customized carpet production for people and projects, several carpet projects of hotels, luxurious palaces, mosques, yachts, residences and commercial spaces are delivered successfully. FUTA Carpet, exports to 25 countries by serving all requests in different options such as wall-to-wall carpets and area rugs.

FUTA Carpet makes the production with natural raw materials through its high sensitivity against people and the nature. Wool and 100% natural, antibacterial Tencel fiber is used.

FUTA Carpet,continues its services by providing technical support as a team in all processes from design to installation through the trust bestowed in its customer relations.